Using a computer excessively may cause postural disorder, neck stiffness, eye strain, and discomfort. 


Online Education has attached another challenge to parents already struggling with their kids for the excessive use of phones, tablets, and computers. Most of the parents are confused and stressed dealing with these difficulties, particularly those with more than one child. 


Let’s have a look at how we can minimize and prevent possible health problems due to the increased use of digital tools. 


Study at a Desk

Studying at a desk with a comfortable chair is recommended at regular schooling to increase the motivation and efficiency of students’ understanding. It is no exception when it comes to online education. Let your child use the laptop on a desk with his screen adjusted not too low or high. The recommended distance between your child and the computer is 50 to 75 cm. Also, you may like to consider using a small pillow to support your child’s lower back.



Most of the schools schedule their online lessons with breaks in between the lessons. Try not to allow your child to switch to a webpage at break times. Find excuses to get your child up and away from the desk. 



It would be a good idea to exercise at least 20 minutes in the morning and 20 minutes in the afternoon. And doing this regularly can help your child focus better when studying. 


Junk Food

Keep your child away from junk food. Yes, it is not easy. But good nutrition is the key to stay healthy. And there is no doubt that it helps children with their studies.


Playing with Peers

Staying at home and staring at devices for a long time might turn your child mentally into a robot. It means that your child may physically look like a child but not mentally. A dramatic change with behaviour is the sign of this change. The rule is simple. Keep your children outside and encourage them to play with their peers. 



Yes none of us likes restrictions and your kids are no different. You may like to make an agreement with your child for the use of digital tools. You may use a rewarding system to encourage your kids to stick on the agreement. This may not work with teenagers but goes really well with children at the primary school level. 


Parents, teachers, administrators and the community should hold regular meetings to discuss the effects of online education in a multi-dimensional way. The challenges that we face today cannot be resolved independently. It needs officials and the other stakeholders to join hands to monitor, analyze, develop and implement the best strategies to overcome the obstacles. 

Published On: October 6th, 2020 / Categories: Character Education, Classroom Management, School Activities /

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