This story is known for its tragedy in a girl’s and her family’s life. A girl that was shot by Taliban. A girl who was denied her right to education alongside with the other girls in Pakistan.

However, this story reveals more than what happened in Malala’s life. It shows the cruelty to people in Malala’s city and reminds us of the other countries where people are suffering. As I type this unordinary book review, there are men, women, and most sadly children who are grieving while the rest of us are just reading it in the news.

There are the ones who are killing for no reason, and the innocents that are being murdered not knowing the reason as well. Malala’s story is not only about her life and what happened (may still be happening to others) there. It is about what occurs in many countries. Infants, children, mothers, young girls, and elders are imprisoned or became externally dependent people (became refugees) in countries where they are not sure about their future.

I am pretty sure there are many concerned people writing and speaking out for these impoverished people. Some may be praying, crying, even losing their appetites when thinking of them. Nevertheless, the cruelty never seems to end in the lives of millions…

Malala was the voice of millions of these unfortunate people. We need more Malalas…

Published On: February 7th, 2019 / Categories: Book Reviews /

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